emu 1212

how many channels

Can I record more than 2 channels at once? If so how? I see only the two 1/4 inch inputs. Do I need the outboard thingy to record more than two channels at a time? Thanks for any help.


The 1212m can capture 12 simultaneous inputs; 2 - 1/4" Analog line level, 2 via SPDIF and 8 via an ADAT enabled A/D converter. This is at 48khz sample rate though. If your ADAT A/D convertor can operate in S/MUX mode, you can halve the ADAT channels for 4 at 96khz and quarter them for 2 at 192khz.

Bottom line, yes. You need additional outboard gear.


PS You could also upgrade your 1212m to an 1820m and gain 6 additional analog inputs so along with SPDIF and ADAT you could have up to 18 inputs active at 48khz.