Emu 1212m

Some insight for wouldbe buyers

Just got my 1212m and installed it. All went well. The Patchmix app is a little confusing at first but a guy can understand it with a little work. I also got a Berry Ada 8000 so I could have 8 via lightpipe (or I guess 10 if you also use the 2 line ins) inputs. All ise still well using Asio drivers. But I thought whatthehey I’ll use wdm and sync to my trusty old Gadgetlabs 824 and get 16 ins…
Well guess what? With asio drivers you get 8 ins on the Emu but you can only use a single driver. No mixing 2 different cards.
With Wdm you can use 2 cards but… the silly Emu card only has one stereo pair of ins 8 outs but only 2 ins????
The gl card has all 8 with Asio or Wdm either way.
I bought the Emu card so I could use Xp64 and it works fine there(the gl will never have drivers for that).But it sure would have been fun to have 16 tracks recording at once in Xp32.

Mainly I thought people should know about the wdm thing . Nowhere on the Emu site and only in a small paragraph halfway through the manual does it mention that wdm is only 2 in 8 out.

I still like the card but am just a little dissapointed.

Using two or more soundcards is never the first choice when you want more inputs under ASIO - I suggest you get a card to match your needs instead. I know it may be tough facing to part with the Gadgetlabs card (and possibly the Emu as well), but times change, and gear becomes obsolete.

I remember when I was dreaming about the possibility to record eight analog tracks at once and was stuck with four tracks - I kept finding ways to circumvent the restrictions, and I probably made better music that way - at least, I had fun doing it!

Get the best from what you’ve got, and don’t hesitate to push the equipment a little.

BTW, I have a Emu 1820 and I love it. The Patchmix app (identical to the one that ships with the 1212) is a breeze to use once you get used to it - it is very flexible. For instance, I can make vocal tracks using the software compressor plugininserted before the fader, and the software reverb plugin inserted after the fader, so that the vocal gets recorded with compressor, but without reverb - the reverb is just used to ‘provoke’ the best possible performance from the vocalist! I also have a headphone distribution amplifier in my setup, and I have combined the cables to and from the breakout box of the 1820 and the input/output routings of the monitor section in the Patchmix in such a way that the main speakers are cut out when I press ‘Mute’ on the master channel - great for microphone tracking right next to the monitor speakers… - feedback is eliminated very efficiently in this way.

regards, Nils

You’re right Nils, about Asio, but with Wdm I have had a bit of success using more than 1 card.
I was wondering, with your card having 8 physical ins do they all show in Wdm? The way I read the manual it sounds like you still only get 2. Just thinking that maybe the Adat ins don’t show with Wdm but the physical ins do.
You’re definitly right about the Patchmix thingy. It has all sorts of possibilties. N-tracks sees 32 asio ins from it and you can do all sorts of interesting (maybe not useful but interesting) stuff. Haven’t got a chance to think all that through yet though.

The current EMU driver does not provide multiple inputs under WDM. You get the stereo pair and that’s it. EMU have been saying for over two years now that multi-input WDM drivers might be coming. Nothing firm on that though. Personally, I have used ASIO (1820M) with excellent results and ASIO seems to be “standard” now anyway.


Interesting thread. I too have an 1820m, and like AllDay, i’d prefer to use WDM. This is my first ASIO card, and i haven’t had a stable system since i installed it. My old Terratec (WDM) worked fine with N. With the Emu and ASIO, i get dropouts galore.

Actually, there’s nothing galorious (heh) about it. :)

Anyway, it’s at least encouraging to hear from an Emu user who’s running N with no problem.


Hey Teej, I was having drops and stutters at first too. I had installed the Emu without uninstalling the onboard sound. Uninstalled onboard and reinstalled and all was well. I guess at the same time I was learning about the Patchmix so it could have been a change there that fixed me.
I’ve just built this system and haven’t worked all the bugs out yet. It should be a screamer(core duo 2.4, 2gb mem,sata raid,etc). Now if I can remember how to play guitar I’ll be a star soon :D

I am a happy 1820M owner myself. I fgeel bad for Teej as I am sure I had at least something to do with his decision… but for me, the EMU has been nothing but stable. Anything that has been a problem I can trace back to N or my wireless card. The wireless is a quick fix as I just disable it while recording.

Can’t use ASIO for the 1212 and WDM for the GL at the same time? I would have thought you could…

I’m so glad I got a couple of M-Audio Delta cards. My Delta 1010 and Delta 66 work together just fine for 12 channels, I use WDM drivers, and I’ve had virtually no stability problems with n-Track.

You know what Willy, um I might not have even tried that. Sometimes the obvious is just…well too obvious.
I’ll try it when I get home.(Wife allowing)

Yeah, i tried that. Even reformatted. No IRQ conflicts, updated drivers, tried all sorts of ASIO buffer settings and PatchMix configs, even tried WDM on the Emu… Still get tons of dropouts.

The only thing i haven’t tried is pulling the Emu and installing an old Live card in this current build as a double-check.

haha… no worries, bud. The Emu seems to be rock solid with other recording packages. There’s just something about my system, plus the Emu, plus N that’s not quite right. You’ve given me great advice in the past (Event 20/20 bas comes to mind), and i know you know your stuff.

Pretty sure i tried using ASIO with the Emu and WDM with the Live awhile back. No go.


Yep I tried Asio and Wdm together N won’t let it happen. And then I got a wild hair and tried opening 2 Ns one with Emu Asio and one with Gl Wdm. then the plan was to open blank tracks in the Gl instance and use the Emu patch wire doohicky to send to one of the many asio channels that emu supports. Well n would playback songs on both instances a the same time but I couldn’t get the patch wire thing to send to the other one. Then all heck broke loose and down went N. Probably not a good plan. But don’t you wish there was a asio loopback app like midiox. Too many beers to continue tonight.