Emu Emulator Studio X W/N-Track

Anyone using this or plan too?

I am going to upgrade my mobo and cpu and plan to buy the Emu Emulator Studio X as an interface card. It has onboard effects hardware, sampling, mixing, no latency with effects, quality xlr’s, adat, midi, etc. Thing is loaded! And all those synth sounds built in!! Anyone using it or plan too and any critiques on how good it is or isn’t and how it would work with n-Track?

Hi Joe,

I have an EMU 1820m. I did not get the Emulator package. Yet. So far, my experience with the EMU has been great. Forum member Bubbagump has the X package. As a VSTi inside n-Track, he has reported problems with distorted audio. I think he runs Emu X stand alone and runs a utility like MIDI Yoke or some such to make MIDI tracks in n-Track fire the Emu X synths. I’m sure he will see your post and chime in soon.

Good luck!


Yup, I have the EMU X Studio. The card itself is superb as TG mentioned. There were some issues with the EMU X VSTi working in N-track. Since EMU put out Emulator X ver 1.5 those issues have pretty much disappeared. In any event, you can run it just fine as a standalone application and run a loop from the 1820M MIDI OUT 1 to MIDI IN 2 and it will work fine. It does come with a lot of decent sounds and is compatible with Giga, SoundFont, and a few other sample formats. I am happy with it and bang for the buck, it is tops just as a sound card. Just be sure to get the latest updates from EMU before trying to use the thing. The original software was very buggy and they have fixed a ton of things since the original release.

Thanks for the input guys. I will also get a multiple xlr rack unit with adat in/out to run with the emu emulator studio x for extra balanced connections. Specs on that emu card and box are looking really good. First things first though, have to upgrade my computer to be able to handle the emu. And then I can record in 24 bit! Not so much interested in sampling rate, 48mhz is fine for me, might get into 96. I will let you know how it turns out.

Hey Joe…where you goin’ wit dat gun in yo hand?

Sorry, Jimi moment there… Just thought I’d mention THIS LINK. That’s an “Unofficial” EMU forum. Pretty good bunch over there and an EMU support guy visits often. Check it out…


Yes, I have been accused of brandishing a six string, and I’ll cop to it. Thanks for that emu link, really helps out! I am not going to jump into this too fast though, really going to research and make sure it is what I need and want, but it is looking like it. I like the great sampling built in and hardware effects, adat for utilizing outboard digital mixer that has adat, etc. Thanks TG, let me go reload my my six string for some more action!