Emu Orchestral Module Mania SoundFont

where does it go?

I usually use the Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas as my soundfont player.
I have been given the Emu Orchestral Module Mania SoundFont zip file. Unzipped it contains 3 folders: Individual Instruments; Individual Presets; Multi Banks. In each of the first two folders are a bunch of .sf2 files. The last folder contains thrree 'Proteus ’ .sf2 files.

Questions: where do I put these folders where Virtual Sound Canvas can utilize them. Or, do I have to use SFZ to play these files? Is there another software module I should have to utilize the whole Emu Orchestral module?

As usual



Gotta use SFZ. Virtual SoundCanvas is not a SoundFont player. It is a Virtual Instrument, but not a SoundFont player. Two different animals.

You want to use one instance of SFZ but multiple instruments or you prefer that each instruments runs a separate instance of sfz for better for keep the tracks separateds at the hour of mixing?

I think I figured it out…

Thanx anyway