error message “can’t find path”

Upon attempting to mixdown to mp3:

"can’t find the path to the encoder executable in the registry. Please reinstall the program"

I have searched keywords in the program help. and searched the forum. Please be informative and gentle with me if I am not using the forum correctly.

Thanks all.

if memory serves correct Ntrack uses LAME.

try this: LAME.

According to the instructions N_Track cannot supply LAME with the software because of copyright issues. A Google search will give you multiple sites for the LAME software. I have never tried any other MP3 creating software so I can’t comment if they would work or not. However, I have had not problems with LAME. But you will need to install it to mixdown to MP3.


your signature says that you’re using version 4.2.1. That version of n-Track didn’t use Lame encoder, used ‘Bladeenc’, Lame was used starting in version 5.1.0.
You may be able to find Bladeenc searching google. You should install it by copying inside n-Track’s installation folder.
Since you’re using Windows 7 64 bit (on which n-Track 4.x was never tested) it might be a good idea to switch to version 7 of n-Track too.


Thanks all. V7 purchased.

You can also use CDex which is free, but it does not work in conjunction with N-Track. I mix down a song in .wav, open CDex, go to “Options” > “Files and Directories”> and select the target file for WAV > MP3 (this would be a folder that I previously set up to specifically take the mp3 files of the project I’m working on. I close that window and click on the Wav > mp3 icon and select the file where my mix is (always in a separate folder named “Mix Downs” in the project folder I’m working on). Before pressing “Convert”, I make sure the “Normalize” box is checked; this will aide in creating a consistent volume level for the songs in the project you’re working on.

I choose to do it this way since it is a specific function with a specific end, and I won’t get lost in what I’m doing. If you do everything in N-Track and go to lunch or it’s the end of your day, when you come back, you may not remember what you were doing before you took your break. I speak from experience because I’m a human bean… :laugh: