Endless Summer

Newbie to recording

This is one of my first attempts at recording a song. It is the theme song from Endless Summer. Hope ya like it.

FYI: the guitars are a little out of tune to mimic the original reocording by The Sandals


Wow that sounds a lot better than my early recordings. What are you using to get that guitar sound?

I love that song too. Every time I hear it, it just makes me think of lazy afternoon summer surf. Have you recorded any more surf music?

thanks. I’m glad you like it.

I build my own guitars. that particular one was and Eddie Van Halen copy with an alder body. the pickup was made by tom short
( http://www.tomshortshandmadepickups.com/ ).

And yes, there are more surf and rock songs on the way

I like it, sounds good! I would not have noticed the guitar out of tune. My first recordings did not have drums, in fact, I’m struggling with drums now.
Definately captured the surf sound. :D

If you need drums, check out Guitar-Pro. You can download a demo version for free. And it says that it will only work for like 30 days, but years later mine still works. You can only save 24 bars, but by making the bars 8 beats long, and using repeats, you can easily do a track. You can then export it to MIDI. You have to have a MIDI to Wav converter though. (I found one for free on the internet, but I can’t remember where.) then just add the wave track to your song, and record your song using that as a metrenome. thats how all I do mine.

Quote (DLR Guitars @ Jan. 26 2005,18:44)
You have to have a MIDI to Wav converter though.

N has one built in. Or you can enter the world of VSTi. It's a safe place here. really.


I don’t know edmund…that fish doesn’t look so safe!