EQ'ing the input

A good idea?

This may sound stupid, but now that I run things through a mixer, I have realized the potential to adjust the sound I’m recording before it ever hits the audio interface.

For instance, the SM-57 seems kinda heavy on the bottom end when using it for vocals, perhaps due to the proximity effect mentioned in it’s literature. Lately, I have been rolling off the low end a bit at the mixer while recording.

My question is …

Is this preferable to EQ’ing after the fact with N-track’s built in facilities?

The question to ask yourself is “will I ever want that low end on this track I’m about to destructively process?”. If the answer might be yes, then don’t apply the EQ. You can’t add later what ain’t there to begin with.

This kinda question comes up alot with respect to EQ, compression, and effects while tracking. I know guys that apply radical EQ and compression to tape, and guys that wait until mix time. It depends on the person and the sound you’re looking for. I like to get “that sound” early in the process, 'cause it makes for fewer things to worry about when mixing. That’s me though…you may work differently.

If you can commit to the sound, I say do it…

A friend of mine uses a Eureka - Single Channel Preamplifier Compressor and Equalizer by Presonus and does exactly that.

I use a Boss GT-6 for guitar and eq before hand too.

We both find it easier to adjust hardware to our liking as compared to the plugin solution.

Everyone is different and like clavastudio says…once ya do it yer done…well he didn’t use those words but you get the drift!


i’m not so sure i agree with “once ya do it yer done”… if your mixer’s bass knob is a 100hz low shelf and you put it at like 10 o’clock, why can’t you boost a couple decibels at the same freq with ntrack to get it back? granted, you’d have to play with the slope so there’s not a bump in the response, but it can be done. high frequencies…well you would introduce extra hiss but the same thing applies.

now, something like the 75hz low cut button that many mixers have, well that would be impossible to completely fix. but shelving can be un-done easily IMHO.