EQ Assistance

I’ve got a song completed and fully mixed. The mix sounds great, but I know the song could benefit from “carving” out EQ niches for the instruments.

What is the best way to visually see the EQ characteristics of various tracks, so I can see if other tracks are stepping on each other sonicly?



Wouldn’t you have to load up each track in Har-Bal, indiviudally? DarkFriend wants to compare each, side by side; cna you do that in Har-Bal? That’d be really cool. It’d be better if it could be done in a VST.

For comparing tracks I’ll use Sound Forge’s or Audacity’s spectrum analyzers. You can compare files side by side. Audacity is free, BTW.

The n-Track channel EQ has a real-time spectrum analyzer, but it tends to jump around so much it’s hard to see subtle details.

Har-bal can be run on individual tracks or on a rendered file. I sometimes use it on an individual track where I can’t find why a track doesn’t sound right (maybe a harshness or it’s sounds dull).
You can set “filters” to “shape” tracks and set up songs to compare you tracks to. There are some good lessons/tutorials on their web site - take a look to see how you can use it. Check out their forum for hints too.
I don’t use the program nearly as much as I used to because it it a great way to train/improve your ears.

for track comparison you load 1 track into HAR-BAL and save it as a REFERENCE file - when saved it can be recalled and used to compare other tracks against -

Dr J

N-tracks real time analyzer can be adjusted so the drawn line sticks around longer. Tends to smooth out the process and allow you to see it better. It still uses a lot of processing though. Really you should consider doing this with your ears. Take a track and set a boost up and sweep it around. Listen for spots that sound good or bad. Also listen to see if boosting an area in one track tends to block out another track. This will be slow at first but will help your mixes in the future.