EQ on parts of a track

Adding EQ effects to only a few parts

I have a bass track that I have punched in a few measures here and there. The problems is, I did not have the bass EQ the same when I punched in.
Is there any way now to edit a track and change the EQ in lets say 3 different sections of the track?

A couple o f different ways come to mind.
You can put the effect on an aux channel and automate the effect to come up at the proper time.
A second way would be :
personally I’d copy the section to a new track and use
avolume envelope to raise/ lower the seperate tracks and mix the effect in there. Witha little careful fade in/fade out either method should work.

okay thanks. Sounds like it would be easier to just re-record (punch in and out) the base part but this time I pay attention to how the EQ was set originally.

I’ll second Bax on this - or even, Clone the whole track as many times as necessary, set the EQ for each selection/area and use Volume Draw to bring the Punches in and out. You could then, maybe, do a sub-mix and re-import it to save power.

Cool. Cloning the track 3 times would do it.