EQ part Deaux..... on The Firehouse

This summer, I’ve been really working hard on the learning the technical side of recording.

When I first started at all this, I thought the “hard part” was actually WRITING THE SONG!
So much to learn…

Anyway, could you listen to The Firehouse (www.soundclick.com/iplan) - it’s the first song in the list - and comment critically on my EQ selections, and overall quality of the mix.

Don’t spare my feelings ---- If you say it’s “good” when it’s not, I’ll believe you - and helpless listeners will suffer as a result.

All the best,
Jonathan Wilson
Testament (the band)

Hey one other thing… Is the last vocal phrase at 4:10 in tune?

You’d think I know these things, but you’d be wrong.

I don’t have any ear for vocals at all.