Ergodex - Good Bad or Ugly?

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Has anyone heard or, looked at or actually used the Ergodex thing? If you look at their website they suggest that its useful for audio editing among other things. Its certainly basic enough but I wonder if it strikes anyone as useful in the long run.

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Wow, this thing is different. Seems like the first question is to decide what exactly what problems you want to solve, and then think about how or if it could be configured to solve them. The only problems that I can immediately come up with are (1) it is hard to remember shortcut keys. You could make a template to put behind the keys under the clear plastic tray cover. (2) the ability to trigger n-track operations with one hand is desirable, but sometimes multiple keystrokes are required for certain operations , which makes one handed operation of n-track difficult. You could use the macro functions to assign the key stroke sequence to a single key.

That device is definitely “out of the box” concept. But for $149US, would it really add to the recording experience. I guess I can thing of other gear that would take a higher priority - and my wife reminds me that I already have too much GAS. But I would love to hear of someone trying it out.