Error accessing wav file:

the file has no “fmt” chunk

Anyone know what this means or how to fix it?


The fmt chunk contains info about the wav file; sample rate, etc.

The actual wav data lies in another chunk.

But, how to fix it? Haven’t a clue, sorry.


This happens when you record and kill n-Track (or it dies) before it has written the wave file header info.

In other words, the header info comes first in the file, but it gets written last. N leaves room for it and record the data where it belongs, and at the end it writes the header info. Since the header contains some info you don’t know before you’re done (like the length of the song), it has to be done this way.

So if N gets stopped before it’s written the header, you have a file full of junk. No doubt someone with a little tech nohow could write a program that would let you fill in the blanks and you’d be fine. But I don’t know of such a program, and I don’t have the details on wave file format required to write one.

If the wave data really is precious, then let us know – there may be help. Otherwise, it’s a do-over.

first, my apologies for resurrecting a ridiculously old post. i frequent other boards and know how newbie-ish it seems. but its better than starting a new thread for something that’s already been discussed right? i was wondering if anybody has found a program that can fix the FMT header (i believe it may also be called a RIFF header)? i was recording a rehearsal and someone plugged in a heater that tripped the circuit breaker :(

This isn’t an old post anymore. This just happened to me on Build 2041 (the newest). Had a track without any WAV file in it. Armed the track to record from the #1 input of my #1/#2 stereo inputs. I did not hit Record during Playback that I remember; instead I believe I hit Record from a dead stop… but it shouldn’t matter as I should be able to do both. Got the “chunk” message. Ntrack kept going but the popup was still on the screen. Hit OK to the popup. ntrack stopped playing, and the armed track disappeared from the screen.