Error opening vst

I´m new in this forum, but thought I´d give it a try. My problem is this: After I recently upgraded from Win2k to XP my version of N-track has caused me some problems. I can´t seem to install any of my vst plugs. I get the message “Error opening vst scan file” after a few minutes of scanning. If i do anything like clicking on a folder while scanning the program gets stuck and I´ll have to restart. DirectX plugs are fine.
Furthermore I use the M-Audio Mobile Pre, but XP won´t authorise the driver.

Any suggestions?


Make sure that ntrack is pointing to the directory with the VST plugs. Normally, all the VST plugs reside in the same folder, which you point to using File -> Settings -> Preferences -> Paths.

Might help.

Ahh, double post. I answered in the other version of this thread…