error openning midi in

can’t record

When I click on record I get an error message that saids “error openning midi in device” Can someone please email and tell me what I need to do to fix this problem. Also is anyone in the atlantic city nj area that could show me how this n-track works. Personally I am get ready to shit can this computer digital 8 track for a Tascom old fashion 8 track where I am not at the mercy of a computer to record a song. The new Tascom has a USB port so I can do a direct cd burn. Really thats all I want my Pc to do is burn a CD. I am not a big fan of Pc Digital recorders.

I am having the same error and I was wondering if you ever resolved this issue.

error openning midi in device

I’ve disengaged all of the midi devices in the preferences and still.


Sounds like bothh of you have n-Track set to midi recording mode (or midi + audio). ie. N is trying to record a midi track but you have no midi devices selected or available for it torecord from.

Thereis a button up the top that will either have a microphone, a few piano keys or a mic+ piano keys.

Click on that button til it just shows mic only.
This sets N to audio only recording.