Error preparing sysex header

Anyone know what this is?

Running 6.0.8 build 2548.
Have a song project with two midi drum tracks and 9 audio tracks.
Only 1 minute long.
I tried to record a short vocal and now get pop up errors "Error preparing sysex header"
I OK the pop ups and recording is done. But now on playback the drums (ezdrummer driven
from one of the midi tracks) cuts out just after new vocal, and again I get the
“Error preparing sysex header” error pop up

Are you using automation on the drum track?
If so, Ez may not recognize the CC data.
But that’s just a guess.

no don’t think I am using automation, I never specifically applied it to the midi track.

But I fixed the problem.
Appears that when I recorded the vocal track, one of the measures of my midi drum track got broken.
It broke in the way that TallPaul reported about in his post “MIDI notes from keyboard stack up on left side?, Build 2459”.
My midi drum track is a bunch of midi sections butted together measure by measure.
One of the measures near where the vocal was recorded suddenly had notes stacked up on left side.
In the end I had to delete that measure and drop in a new corrected one, and all was good.
I can’t recreate it yet.

So you confirm TallPaul’s problem. That sounds like a pretty
serious problem. Especially if you had to redo the part.
What a pain that could be. Are you gonna file a bug report?

BTW - does the MIDI play back even when the notes are stacked up?
I mean is it just a screen draw problem or does the MIDI data
get corrupted.

I’m gonna try to recreate it in a simpler project if possible. It’s tuff to define the bug if I can’t make it happen more than once.
The drums would go silent once it hit the midi segment with the stacked notes, rest of the music continued.
In my case it was a simple delete the segment and replace it with a copy of the previous measure.

Sorted. I copy all these nuggets into word pad. It’s becoming quite a volume :laugh:

nTrack VOL 18 chapater 7 :laugh:

I guess we could ask how that could occur accidentally.
There has to be a cause for the notes moving. If that happens again. See if you can copy that screwed up measure and paste it somewhere else to see if it’s still scrambled. It’s like the time for that measure on that track got changed?