Error: "The sound card is already in use"

n-Track can’t access the sound card?

When I try to play tracks in n-track, I get this error message: “The Soundcard is already in use”.

When I click the Ok button, I get a pop-up with this message: “Do you want n-Track to try to find an audio format compatible with the audio devices currently selected?” I click the Yes button but it doesn’t fix the issue.

Other apps on the same machine have no trouble accessing the sound card, eg. Audacity and Media Monkey.

I’m running the latest build of n-Track 8 (32 bit) on Windows 10 Pro. I encountered the problem with version 6 and I hoped that upgrading to version 8 would fix it. It didn’t.

I tried updating the sound card driver. I tried disabling the sound card and letting Windows find it again. I tried searching online and tried a number of fixes that didn’t work.

Any ideas?

What is the name of your sound card?


I am getting the very same error messages (1) “The sound card is already in use and” (2) “Do you want n-Track to try to find an audio format compatible with the audio devices currently selected?” - I am running N-Track 7.1.2 using an Audigy 2-ZS running Windows 10. This Audigy 2 card has always worked perfectly for many years (since N-Track 3.3) in an older/slower machine running Windows XP. This problem started when I upgraded to a faster machine running Win 10. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Although I have not encountered the error you folks are having, the issue will be in WIN 10 audio settings. If you have an external card use it but disable the on board sound. There are settings to force the use of the current sound device, make this device the default and allow other programs to access it. Wish I could be of more help.


O.K. I tried unloading and reloading and that strange message has stopped showing up, but now I have latency. I would guess it’s about 100ms delay from a midi-keyboard keypress to a sound coming out the speakers. Can’t live with that. I can make extreme changes to the values of the buffers, but the delay remains the same. Arggg… And I thought Win 10 would be better… What are most guys running for Midi hardware nowadays, I don’t mean brand names like Roland or Yamaha, I mean the physical interface. It seems that midi protocol over the good old 5 pin mini-din cables has given way to midi over USB. I tried removing the Audigy card and used a midi-to-usb converter cable (Roland UM-One, Mk 2) from my old Casio keyboard. It worked but the latency issue comes up again. The only thing I have not tried is using a USB kybd, connected to one of the Computer Sys Board USB ports. The computer is plenty fast enough, Intel I7 at @3 GHz with 8 Gb Ram.

Well now I’m embarrassed and confused, but also happy all at the same time. The first few times I went through the Audigy settings and menus using Ntrack 7, nothing seemed to help, so I gave up. Today I went back to it, and everything is fine but I don’t know why. The latency issue is gone, well there is just a tiny bit, but I can live with that. I’m guessing it is because the Audigy 2 card is not really supported with Windows 10. Can anybody recommend a good (low latency) midi interface that works with Win 10 ?
Thanks & Regards.

You need to go to your ASIO control panel on the Audigy, there you can set the ASIO latency. It defaults to 50ms but it can also be set to as low as 5ms.