errors in ntrack 5.1


i have erros in ntrack
when opening the program i get error
"error open skin file …" with path

and also the more annoying error
"error saving configuration"

wich is very very annoying since i using asio drivers and all the time i need to set it up

it happen in 5.0.9 and 5.1.1
what can i do ? ? ?

(registerd copy btw)

comp spec:
xp pro system
intel duo core
1 gb ram

(registerd copy btw) - well done DOOM -

are you using the default GREY skin ? and have you reset your prefs to default and re-built them ? -

Dr J

i use the default

the skin don’t really bother me …
but the configuration is really the problem
it always return to the defualt and don’t let it be saved
when i close the conf window it give me the error
and also when the prog shut down … so it can’t be changed at all
(when i set it up it does change and i can use it. but if i close and start ntrack again all conf is lost)

as a registered user you are entitled to avery update untill Flavio says otherwise, so i would download build 2311 BUT before you install it use windows ADD REMOVE programs to uninatall the present version of N -

in case this does not make sense as N uninstalls itself when you upgrade, N does not uninstall everything, mainly just the main program - ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS does a lot more and cleans out what N does not - when N upgrades it looks to see if a file that it wants is present, if it is then N skips to the next step of the installation - SO if somehow a file used by N has been corrupted N will not replace that file untill it is deleted - it looks like a file was either corrupted on downloas au during installation - downgrading to an earlier version of V5.o.9 does not clear out all files as they are the same as used in V5 1.1.0 -

Dr J

I’ve found that if you change configuration
(sound card recording/playback or preferences or
midi settings)
you can SAVE AS under FILE
to ‘default.sng’ in the \program files\FASoft
-Track Studio 5<br />directory.
And the next time you open N it should reflect the changes.

AHH, we had serious problems with that some time ago - if you saved a .sng which used say 3 channels on a sondblaster USB and then opened it again without the soundblaster plugged in using two channel onboard sound, the DAW equivelent of the BIG BANG took place - you still have to watch out for that if passing songs to early V4 users -

Dr J

So, you and woxnerw (I assume)
would like to see a config-file menu
you could choose from, before opening
a .sng file?

move to Bills thread -

Dr J