eSession beta VST is available

notice this now Levi?

I posted the question in another thread… have you got it yet - the beta download.

Thought we might beta test it and hookup. You too YAZ, Bruffie … anyone?

Let me know - I have the link.

I ain’t got it. I get paranoid about these things Poppa. When I get something that works it stays with me. Downloaded 6 around 3 months ago and haven’t got any new build since then.
Had 3.3 for 5 years :)

but esession VST is tempting :laugh:

Now ya wanna hear my crappy playing live? :laugh:

Quote: (Yaz @ Apr. 18 2009, 5:37 AM)

Now ya wanna hear my crappy playing live?

You wanna hear me sing live :whistle: ???

Thx pop I didn’t receive any notice but you know I’m into it. I’m just getting up. It will be hrs probably around sundown before I’m even a possibility for a test drive. :agree:

What studio did you put it in? I don’t think I have 2 gig ram on any. I’m not hookin my daw up to the internet.

It will probably be tomorrow for me Pop.

:laugh: he's probably hooked up in v/glass and checkin him self out in the mirror
:laugh: My laptop at the kitchen table then I run into my tracking room to see if I'm still there. :laugh:

I have not even installed it yet.
:laugh: Hey great idea! I'll have to give that a try!
Wondering if this gewl whill show up in n...
It will not be an instrument, I guess this is where the stand alone vg would come in handy.

I got back home early - gonna try and finish my “back Again” thang and probly install the VG plug in and play around tomorrow… Marc at eSession is on line a lot for testing.

Right have to take marc into consideration.
Wondering what the hrs of opperation are for this.
Also wondering how many can join in.
It would be a
riot to have a bunch from here.
I’ll try for monyana to.
Hoping n sees it!

2 gigs of memory, I’ll have to go out for another card my processor is 1.9 Ghz that’s close to the min requirements. But my ram is only 1.5.

2 gigs is probly enough to cover any happenings in MAX - 1.5 should be enough to test it.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows PC with at least 2GB RAM, 2Ghz Processor
Windows XP SP2
VST Host DAW (Ableton Live, Nuendo, CuBase, SONAR, nTrack? etc)
Broadband Internet Connection (384kb/sec upload, 1.5mb/sec download)
Quicktime version 7.6

I’m going to download and see what it does in nTrack with out the net, to try to get used to the bells and whistles. Fingers crossed.
I’m also adutioning so that could interfere.

well they set their min to handle the max expected. knowudImeanjellybean?

Nope, but I’m sure your wife does :laugh: They set the min to say: if you don’t have that much, your sol.
No Latency Compensation eather so it will probably b awhile before pc’ers are groovin to a clik.

So you need a web cam and eSession account? What’s the cost?