EV BK-1632 Stereo Mixer

I have just got a 16 channel EV BK-1632 stereo mixer. It has right and left subs with 1 main and 1 moniter. It has efx in, exf out, Aux in, Aux out. With Phantom power.

My Computer is a windows XP, AMD 3500+ 2.21ghz 2 gig ram with 24bit sound blaster audigy.

My other puter is Windows 7 64 bit AMD II X2 220 Processor 2.80 GHz 2 gig ram with realtek High Definition audio card that has a line in, mic in and spk out.

My question is. Is there I way I can use this board to do multi track recording and get away from single tracking? If so what would I need to get be able to make this happen. I am using N-Track 6 on the windows 7 and n-track 4 on my XP puter.

Thank You


That’s an analogue mixer, right?

As your soundcards (on both computers) only have two inputs (L & R) you will still only be able to record two simultaneous distinct tracks even with the mixer. The mixer can, well… “mix” a bunch of audio signals into two signals that you can then record to those two tracks but the mix is static - ie you can’t change it after the event - those sounds are mixed onto two tracks.

So,you really need a multi-input card to record multiple tracks at once.

But you can still record two at once (L & R) which can be handy at times. And a mixer is a great plus point in a studio for controlling levels or eq on the way in, etc.

Does the mixer have direct outs?

Thank you for your reply.

It has 4 outs sub right, sub left, Main, and monitor. It was used for a monitor system when the band was playing out. What would be a good multi-input card to get or maybe point me in to the right direction to look at some?

Ok, some questions to ask yourself first… how many inputs do I need? How much do I want to spend? Do I want an external or internal interface/card? If it is external do I want USB or firewire?

You can grab a Delta 44 or 66 (4 inputs) for peanuts nowadays. It’s an internal PCI card but makes great recordings. But now I’m using and external interface (easier to move between PCS). I’m currently using a Tascam USB interface with 16 inputs which is great.

I suggest you have a look around some websites and set yourself a target price or maybe have a look on eBay for what you can afford and then look for reviews for any that take your fancy.

Yeah, you need a multi in card, the only question here is what your budget is.

If you got say a Delta 1010 which has 8 inputs you could feed it from the insert sockets of eight seperate channels of your mixer (with specially wired cables).If you then sent your computers output back to two more channels you could also set up monitor mixes on the aux send and monitor send and use the main ouputs to feed your monitor speakers . I use a similar setup with a soundcraft mixer.


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