Evaluation version sound

please help me get rid of the sound

I’ve registered the shareware version of n-track 5.02 using instructions supplied but the program still thinks it’s unregistered and inserts a sound into a recording session every 20 secs?

Go to Help/Register and try entering the codes again. If that doesn’t work, send an email via the support page. Flavio usually responds within 24 hours.

Thanks •KªRL•. I’ve already emailed Flavio who responded quite quickly and asked me to send a copy of a log file to him but I haven’t heard back. Maybe after New Year I’ll get an answer.

have you had a previous build of N on your system before purchasing the full version ? -

if you have had another build on N and have deleted that, you have deleted the program but not the plugins that come with N - beeping happens when there are TWO versions of N TRACK COMPRESSOR on your system -

the N track compressor has to be told it is registered if it is not told it is registered it will return to unregistered and will beep away untill it is told it is registered - but as the program that told it it was registered is not there it will beep forever, -

there are two easy cures for this problem

1… preferences/paths/vst folder, set the path to the VST plugin folder that is associated with the present version of N, doing this N will only look in a set folder and not scan everything looking for plugins -

2… using windows explorer, navigate to the VST plugin folder of the previous version of N and delete anything that says “compressor” - now try N if it still beeps navigate to the present VST plugin folder and delete everything saying “compressor” start N - if it still beeps then wait for Flavio’s answer, if it stops beeping exit N go to recycle bin and restore one of the compressors that you removed - restart N etc, etc, when you find the one that beeps rename it “beeping nuisance” and delete it, restore the one that doesnt beep and then empty the recycle bin -

Dr j -

another common cause is attempting to use a 16 bit registration with a 24 bit soundcard.

Thanks very much for your help. I’m using SB live so I’ll change to 24 bit reg.first.