evaluation version three tone sound problem??

asio recording

has anyone using n track ever had a problem where the program tells you "evaluation version " and then proceeds to input a three tone sound thirty seconds into a recording? any input would be much appreciated

Have you entered the correct registration codes? Did you buy the 16 bit or 24 bit license? Is your soundcard a 24 bit card?

D - ???

Yes, I used the evaluation version for a few months without registering and didn’t get the tone, which according to the blurb should only occur when mixing down. Then a couple of weeks ago it started doing what you describe continually while playing or trying to record tracks. In the end we bit the bullet and bought the registration which is fair enough as it’s a good piece of software for a small cost.

Maybe there’s a timeout (6 months?) on the evaluation version that causes this.

There’s no time out, but some of the effects also have the “unregistered beep” that would occur during mixing.

If you’re using any thrid party plugs that are demos they can cause your beeps.