Even Hiter Had A Girlfriend

A recent recording from a long time User

I have been an N-Track user since version 0.22beta… late 90’s… EEK!

Anyway, I run a little studio called Psychic Hamster Audio Works. I recorded this song the other day… It’s a pretty simple instrumentation recorded in my little hole-in the wall recording lab. It’s me, me and more me. I record under the band name Pro-Ject:Radiation

Download “Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend” by Pro-Ject:Radiation

Also, for more info on my studio…

Psychic Hamster Sound Works

I look forward to hearing from everyone… there’s lots more songs where that came from.

Genius! I love the lyrics.

Nice job!


I’ll add a few more songs shortly… I play drums, bass, and other such noise makers… not featured here.

Hitler is one of my favorites to play Live… it sort of sneaks up on people… I don’t tell them the tile outright.

I notice there’s adequate readers… maybe listeners…

should I post another? or call it?

I hate you. I wish I had thought of it first!

:) :( :p :angry: ???

What a great theme…


Admittedly, I wasn’t the first… it’s a rare one written by Dr. Frank of a band called “Mr. T. Experience”… I re-arranged it… can’t claim I wrote it. I have written some good stuff though.

Oh, that is good - I did not really want to hate you. Now I can hate Dr. Frank, who i don’t know, instead!


Something tells me I’ve got a great record in the works here, and that I should finish it up and release it.