Even More Rare Political Humor

Left Wing Lampoon

New Zucker Movie looks like a hoot.

Right Wing Comedy is rare.

An American Carol

Top of my list. But then the new Bill Mahr flick is too and I am guessing it is anything but right wing.

Gee THANKS guys… here I was having a GOOD day and you just had to mention Moore and Maher in the same thread… :laugh:


Hey - What are friends for? :agree:


The Crowds

On television today a Democratic operative pointed out that when Obama holds a rally 25-30,000 people show up, Whereas when McCain holds one he only draws 10-15,000.

The Republican spokesman replied, '
That's because McCain's supporters are at work.'

HAR-HAR-HAR!! :laugh:


PS Say... how did the veep debate go? I was at rehearsal and missed it. Then we had no webber-net at work today... I'm behind on my news gatherin'...

I missed it too…

I only caught part of the VP debate. No big gaffes from either candidate. I’d call it pretty much a draw, though political operatives on both sides claimed victory as usual. The media reaction I saw portrayed it as Biden winning because he answered all the questions whereas Palin would at times go in another direction with her answers, also calling Biden’s demeanor “statesman-like” and Palin’s “folksy”. For the most part, I was bored, as I was during the 1st Presidential debate.

Is it a sin to want to poke the VP candidate?

Please DON’T ask which one.

The most disturbing bit of news I’ve heard in the past couple of days is McCain mentioning Al Gore as a possible choice as “point man” on the global warming effort.

I watched all of 5 mins of the debate, what a boring bunch of B.S.

My take on the whole election, we all headed for the crapper! Save yer dollar bills, you’ll need 'em fer toilet paper!

I’ll pile ‘em in with all of my Confederate money Yaz… dontchu worry brutha’…