Even though I have paid...

I still cannot use all the effects (it dips in and out every 10 sec because I’m “not registered”).

Also, is there anyway to chop a recorded clip and then actually move it? I can’t figure this out for the life of me.


Why even search for a way??? If you paid for it? first figure out why you don’t have it working properly. Or did is miss something?

I may be working properly.

1) If the 16 bit version is registered and it’s be set to do 24 bits the organ tone will still happen. This can happen even if you have paid for the 24 bit version…see 3 below.

2) Some registration codes that get sent out automatically don’t work properly. Some are actually reported as being pirated. For the most part this has been cleared up, but it’s still possible you got one of these codes. Email Flavio if that’s the case.

3) Occasionally, the registration gets messed up and needs to cleared out in a way the re-registering the codes doesn’t fix. Uninstalling n-Tracks and reinstalling it may fix it, but sometimes not. Flavio has a back door that will completely reset the registration. If un and re installing doesn’t help email Flavio He can send the back door steps to you. (I had to do this once). It’s my guess this is you problem.

As for the chopping up a clip, it’s very easy and should be mentioned in the docs. Look for Splicing Parts. Come back if you don’t find what you are looking for. Many of us do this A LOT.

You can copy and paste tracks, and then select the move tool (it looks like a set of lines going in every direction, kinda like a compass) and then move your selected section to a new track.

Do you mean hold shift and click and drag the wav?

Shift, click and drag is a hot key to envoke the move tool when in selection mode…so yes, that will work too, but it depends on what tool is currently selected in the toolbar. n-Traks uses a modal edting interface. Sometimes shifting will hold the parts in a particular direction, preventing them from being moved anyway but back and forth or up and down.