Ever try to sell a house???

Looking for someone to commiserate with…our house as been on the market now for 120 days…feeling pretty down about the lack of offers…

Anyone fight through this?

Hang on Clark. It’s a tough process & you have to be patient sometimes. Make sure your agent is advertising your house, having open houses, etc. If you don’t feel like they’re doing enough, then switch to another company.

I’ve sold 3 houses & I hate to say I’ve always just barely broken even (or lost money). Hopefully you’ll be luckier than I’ve been.

Really bad time right now Clark. I work for a feller that has had his on market since March. Dropped the price over $40k and still no offers. Just hang in there, something gotta break.

You should see how long houses stay on the market in Flint. :)

Quote (clark_griswold @ Sep. 06 2005,10:39)
Looking for someone to commiserate with...our house as been on the market now for 120 days...feeling pretty down about the lack of offers..

Anyone fight through this?

Hi Clark,

I don't know where you live, but you might try advertising on the internet. The fact is that houses all over the US are selling above market pricing because people (here and abroad) see the US housing market as a true investment money maker. I agree with Soul on this one. If your realtor is not doing the job, find another. I have run into too many crooked agents to stay with one that can't do their job.


thanks everyone for the words…

We are hanging tight…the market here in Mpls is still pretty good. all the feedback says the house is showing well, but that people are just looking for something else. I am sure the right buyer will stumble in…


…but that people are just looking for something else.

Ahhh - let me quess. You have an old Victorian & everyone wants a modern ranch?

thanks to all for the words of encouragement. The right people came along and bought it this weekend! finally.

Thanks again.

Cool clark! Glad to hear it. Are you relocating to another city/state/country/planet/galaxy/universe/ ???


Good deal Clark, glad you sold it.

just moving a bit further west of Minneapolis. Keep going until it’s peaceful! :wink:

I was up there in the winter of ‘95 I think was… Company called Buhler over on Xenium Lane in Plymouth. Mostly all I remember was… COLD! FRIGGIN’ COLD! :D :D

TG – spoiled by the nice southern temperatures…

yeah, I prefer the winter I had in Brisbane!

trying to broaden the scope of discussion to include everyone


just moving a bit further west of Minneapolis. Keep going until it’s peaceful! :wink:

I bet you are you are moving further into Republican, gated-communities (as Garrison describes it).


You gotta love such open minded thinking:

Garrison Keillor describes Republicans as, “hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists, see-through fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience… freelance racists, hobby cops, misanthropic frat boys, lizardskin cigar monkeys, jerktown romeos, ninja dittoheads… the shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats, cheese merchants, cat stranglers, taxi dancers, grab-ass executives… gun fetishists, genteel pornographers, pill pushers, chronic nappers, nihilists in golf pants, backed-up Baptists, Crips and Bloods of the boardroom.”

Garrison got it about right I think. :laugh:

funny enough.

Mike, here is the breakdown on my new "gated community"

Population (year 2000): 6,814
Males: 3,248 (47.7%), Females: 3,566 (52.3%)
County: Carver
Land area: 2.8 square miles

Median resident age: 33.0 years
Median household income: $55,705 (year 2000)
Median house value: $151,500 (year 2000)

Races in Waconia:

* White Non-Hispanic (96.5%)
* Hispanic (1.3%)
* Other race (1.0%)
* Two or more races (0.8%)
* American Indian (0.5%)

German (55.9%)
Norwegian (14.2%)
Irish (8.9%)
Swedish (8.7%)
English (5.6%)
Polish (3.9%)

For population 25 years and over in Waconia

* High school or higher: 87.4%
* Bachelor’s degree or higher: 29.4%
* Graduate or professional degree: 6.3%
* Unemployed: 1.9%
* Mean travel time to work: 27.3 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Waconia city

* Never married: 20.0%
* Now married: 66.0%
* Separated: 0.6%
* Widowed: 6.5%
* Divorced: 7.0%