Everybody Knows

This is nowhere…

Click on Music, scroll down and play LOUD!.

Recorded last Thursday, live with nTrack 3.3, 8 tracks (Layla3G), mixed & mastered by yours truly. Features our new background vocalist, Rockie.

This is one of my favorite all time Neil songs & I’ve finally got a recording of me doing it that I like. Enjoy!


You really nailed (or is it Neiled :D ) that guitar sound Mike. Sounds great!


I like “Neiled” it - thanks :laugh:

I have only ever heard this song done by Uncle Tupelo. Didn’t know he wrote it.


Who is Uncle Tupelo?



Cool! Of course, Neil was the original alt country, roots rocker & grunge man - right?

I know & like Wilco.

Me thinks Neil has tried a hand at every kind of music possible. Remember the Trans album?
How many times playing acoustic have you been requested to play Heart of Gold, for me I would guess 2000 times at least.
Anyways I love Neil’s stuff!