evolution/m-audio keyboards and n-track?

do they work together?

Just bought my son an m-audio keystation 49e (same as evolution 249, I’m told) - I can’t get it to connect to n-track. Has anyone managed to do so? How well did it work?

Yep - I’ve got a keystation 49 which works with n-track. I’ve got midi settings set up as follows:


Thanks John

Got it working now



Hello. I’m new to MIDI. Up to this point I’ve stuck to recording audio tracks.

I got the same MIDI keyboard (M-Audio 49) for Christmas and there seems to be a considerable lag between the time I press a key and the time I hear it through my PC speakers (half a second, maybe). This will definitely not work, as my intention is to record a keyboard part while playing back audio that I’ve already recorded. The timing will be horribly off.

Is there some setting in n-track that I need to tweak to fix this ?

Any help/suggestion is greatly appreciated!

This is probably down to your buffering settings. You tend to be able to set these lower when using WDM or ASIO drivers for your souncard, then you reduce the setting in File/Settings/Buffering Settings (and external to n-track, in the souncard’s control panel for ASIO) until you start hearing pops and clicks , then increase it to the setting above. You also need the “Live” button to be pressed in n-track.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Unfortunately, I think this may require a hardware upgrade to resolve. I’m using the sound card that came with my PC (about 2 years old). It’s a 16-bit Analog Devices card that uses a SoundMAX Digital Integrated Audio driver. I’ve made sure the drivers are up to date, but this doesn’t seem to help.

I cannot find any buffering settings through Device Manager or using the SoundMAX control panel. There are some general performance settings, but changing these doesn’t seem to make any difference. I also have n-Track set to use the lowest possible buffering setting and I have the Live button on, but I’m still getting about half to a whole second of delay.

Assuming you agree that I need to get a decent sound card (feel free to make other suggestions if you think the hardware isn’t the problem), what’s a good card to get on a relatively low budget. I don’t need multiple inputs or outputs, because I run everything through a Mackie 16-channel mixer, so a single stereo in will do.

Again, all suggestions/reccomendations are welcome.


I just looked around on-line and saw that Best Buy has a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! card for $30. Do you think that would cut it?

Here’s the link:

OK. I discovered this ASIO4ALL driver on the internet, which is supposed to be a generic ASIO driver for all sound cards. I can run the control panel for this driver as a standalone (offline) application. When I do this I am able to change the buffering settings, etc.

However, I then discovered that the 16-bit verison of n-track, which is the one I’m running, does not support the use of ASIO drivers.

I then realized that I was using MIDI Mapper as my MIDI device in n-track, and just by switching to the WDM driver for my card, the delay was significantly reduced, but it’s still about 100 ms, which is audible and distracting enough to make playing the keyboard difficult.

I wonder if replacing my sound card with, say, an SB Audigy 2 or better, and upgrading to the 24-bit version of n-track would be guaranteed to eliminate the delay almost altogether?

If you go into Preferences, I/O setup and Buffering settings and set them up as follows (obviously replacing references to my M-Audio card with WDM references for your Analog Devices card), then if the delay is still too great, perhaps another card would sort it out for you.


However, I then discovered that the 16-bit verison of n-track, which is the one I’m running, does not support the use of ASIO drivers.

What makes you say that? I used 16 bit n-Track with ASIO for a LOOONNGG time. It always worked great. ???


D - I don’t use ASIO4ALL, but I seem to remember that this required 24-bit n-track, obviously standard ASIO drivers do not.


Ah. Perhaps that is the case here. I have ASIO4ALL on my laptop but it DOES have 24 bit n-Track on it. My old desktop I ran n 3.3 16 bit and had an ASIO driver for the built-in soundcard. I can’t even remember now what chipset it was… gettin’ old I reckon.


Thanks for all of your help. I set things up pretty much the way you reccomend, with the exception of using 16 bits not 24 and using the WDM driver for my card. I’m still getting enough of a delay that things get bad when I play anything more complicated than 8th notes on a single key.


What makes you say that? I used 16 bit n-Track with ASIO for a LOOONNGG time. It always worked great.

When I select the ASIO driver, I hear the three note organ sound every so often. There’s something in the FAQ about ASIO not working with the 16-bit version of n-track because it needs extra bits. In any case, even with the ASIO driver, I’m not able to get rid of the delay. I have to believe at this point that it’s just a crappy sound card.

Anybody know of a decent sound card for MIDI that doesn’t cost too much ? I guess I might as well get a 24-bit card if I’m going to buy one.