ewqlso....got it! rough review.

Well this is off topic in a way but, oh well.

Today I got ewqlso-silver. I’ll need to stop buying VSTi’s for a minute or two although I’m still keen for Atmosphere, and…Stormdrum…maybe.

Now I’ve got Groove Agent, VCL-120, VCP-120, and EWQLSO.

Gee, alot has really changed since I started with pro music way back when some of the other geezers did!
Back then it was 303’s 12 bit akai samplers with 2 seconds memory and four thousand leads just so you could connect up to an atari box and sound like crap, things sure have got better.

I wanted EWQLSO basically because, well the idea that I could get a symphonic orchestra running through N-track
just seemed so funky I just had to go there, at any cost.

So, it arrived, I plugged it in, and bingo, it’s big! Like really big,
big enough to blow speakers, turn heads and just so awesome.
The steinway piano sounds sweet as, if you close your eyes, it feels like your playing a grand piano, add some reverb and it’s beyond beautiful.

As for the other instruments(which there are heaps of)
they are a pleasure to listen to. Sure there is alot which obviously is not there (articulations) because I only got the starter version but, there is enough for the average rocker/cyberpunk to feel like he/she has gone to heaven.

There are some huge bass things goin down with the double basses and cellos.
The violins sound just like they sprang out of a movie.
The brass is way way bad!
The organ sounds are road ready for a frankenstein remix.
Suprisingly, (because I don’t like flutes) I was awestruck how whicked the flutes sound.

The overall quality of the recordings is simply exquisite.
Sounds are pure, beautiful, and just incredible.

I had no idea what I was gonna think about the library
before it arrived but I must admit it really was a delight to experience for the first time the sonic grace of a real orchestra on my desk!

After years of twiddling with synths…This is better! If I forgot how nice these sounds were and actually wanted to mangle them…wow, you got some really good starter wavesforms to root with.

Anyway, I also love vcl-120, it’s library is equally as stunning,
but, this is like different because, well it’s an orchestra!
The hype about this library is pretty much known, I’m just happy that the reality at least matched the advertising.



The reeds are “eh”. I checked out EWQLSO and the main downfall is the reeds. However, the strings are very nice. (Especially the one violin patch…) I much prefer the reeds (Oboe, Coir Anglais, Bassoon, Clarients, Oboe d’Amor etc.) in Garritan Personal orchestra as well as the Garritan piano. In any case, glad you have a new toy that is working for you. It’s always nice to spend the bucks and have it turn out as good as you had hoped.