EXE file / Creative Labs / Uninstall Audigy

Well the day the forum went down, I was back here trying to find some info.

I remember someone saying that there is an EXE file in the Creative Labs folder somewhere for Audigy cards to remove all traces of their software. I never installed the Creative drivers for my Audigy so I can’t search it.

Anyone know the answer?


Doug W

Doug, first of all, check out this forum, KX forum,

Somewhere on there is the method of completely clearing out the Creative stuff.

But you’ll also need DriverCleaner.


On the blurb it says it’s for ATI and nvidea, but it works for Creative stuff too.

I hope it helps.



Thanks for the reply. I use the KX drivers and I have used some of the methods on the KX site to delete the Creative drivers, but I have found that no method works for everyone. In fact I am trying to document all the possible methods of deleting the Creative drivers for the KX site.

Someone up here mentioned in a thread that there is a file that is part of the Audigy installation that will clean up the Creative drivers. I decided to come back to search the forum here for that thread but then the attack on the Forum occurred and…


Well Doug, the only creative uninstall utils I know are: CTZAPXX.exe which lives in the Creative folder, and the install proggy that’s on the CD which will also allow you to uninstall.

But, I still had to use drivercleaner to get rid of everything.



I think that is the file I was looking for! I know a lot of people have had good luck with DRIVER CLEANER but it has never removed all the files for me.

I have uninstalled the Creative drivers and installed the KX drivers on 4 or 5 different computers (Win2K & 98SE), and every time the uninstallation / installation process was different than the last.

Thanks for your help, I will add this info to the document.


Doug, never mind writing a doc on uninstalling Creative, write one instead titled:

“Using Audigy2 ZS with KX, an Idiot’s Guide for DAW users”. :)

I’m getting there, but it still all turns around occasionally and bites me! :D


Well after using the KX drivers for over a year, I believe I have attained the rank of Digital Dope so I got all the answers now.

Hey Doug/Ali,

I’ve been using the Creative drivers bundled with my Audigy 2 ZS… Are the KX Drivers really that benificial? And what benifits do they add?

Also, how is stablity?

I wouldn’t mind uninstalling the Creative software, but I’ve misplaced the install CD, and would like the ability to revert to the Creative way if the KX install gets too hairy. Any suggestions?


The Creative software is downloadable, you can get it from their site.

First off with the kX drivers, you have the option of installing multiple cards and linking them so you can get extra inputs for recording. I have 3 cards installed for 3 Stereo / 6 Mono inputs.

The DSP is completely configurable so you can create your own setups using the available kX effects without bogging down the CPU.

Some people find the kX drivers too complicated and drop them for that reason. I was pretty confused at the beginning but stuck with them until some things penetrated my thick skull. I personally wouldn’t bother with the Creative drivers ever again but that’s just me. I would suggest version 3537. Read the “Getting Started Guide” before getting started.


Good luck

Thanks Doug. I got to try the mono inputs. The more I’ve been reading, the better the ideas…