Expander plug-in

…can anyone recommend a good free one?

Can anyone recommend a good expander plug-in that works happily this v6?

…also, I don’t suppose NTrack’s got an option to “strip silence” that I’m unaware of?

Cheers, mates!


If you want to remove silence from a .wav file,
You can do it with Wavosaur (free)


and under TOOLS there is a remove silence function

Thanks, Seven–I’ll check it out.

I’m still interested, though, if anyone can recommend a plug-in.


Maybe take a look at Floorfish

digital fishphones

there are plenty out there

Hi Fuggle_Hop:

This ain’t a free editor… BUT…
Goldwave has some native plugs that work very well in-and-around Track Dynamics… Google for the links…

Kjaerhaus Audio has some nice free plugs that work just great…
They have a Free Limiter and Compressor…
I have the pro versions of them… however, I use the Free-and-Pro Versions… both… Top Rate… in my opinion…


Thanks for the replies, guys!

I forgot that I already have Floorfish. I think it used to crash my NTrack, so I gave up using it. I’ll give it another bash though, now that I’m running v6. Thanks for the reminder!

Wox, will check it out.


Whoops, Floorfish still crashes my PC. Well, I’ll have another look around, do some trial by fire. If I come up with something that works with NTrack, I’ll be sure to mention it here.


…and the answer is to use the “soft gate” function included with NTrack Compressor.


Hey that’s good to know.
I’m just getting to point where I’m starting to
experiment these dynamics processors.