Experieinces with Audiotrak Maya1010 / Maya 1010

Need advice for Maya 1010

Hi everyone.

I’d like to find out if the Audiotrak Maya 1010 works well with N-track.

I’ve been using N-track 2.0 for quite some time with an old Turtlebeach sound card and have had great success with 2-channel demos. I’d like to upgrade to 8 simultaneous input channels, and the Maya 1010 is obviously very affordable, and appealing to a musician on a tight budget.

If you have had, or currently use the Maya 1010, please provide some feedback. It would be very helpful.

My hardware consists of a P4 1.8GHz with 512MRAM and 7200RPM IDE drives.

Steve smith

I have been using a maya 1010 since 3.0, then I upgraded to the 4.o, it works very well just if your using XP just make sure you have the new driver for the maya. :D