Expiration of Demo Version

Questioning the rational???

I purchased Version 4.x of N-Track and eventually upgrgaded to version 5.x.
As is apparent from several posts I have participated in, I have significant issues with Version 6.x not working on my machine to the point it is virtually unusable.
As a result I am not prepared to upgrade at this time, but in reading various posts, occasionally I see references to improvements which encourage me to go back and try as I do love the functionality and design of nTrack.
After quite some time I most recently tried this last night and downloaded and installed the latest 6.02 version.
However, once installed, it would not finish executing because my trial period had expired.

I guess this frustrates me because how am I ever to determine if fixes implemented have once again made the application usable for me if I can not load and test it???
I also looked on the web site, and I could not find any reference to this new limitation which I believe was not there in earlier major releases where they inserted the organ notes in the mix downs instead.
Was that such a bad limitatiom to introduce as copy protection???
What was the downside of that???

Bottom line is I was waiting to upgrade till the application was stable and usable for me, and now it looks like I won’t even be able to test this???

Just getting more frustrated with nTrack…

Shouldn’t a clean un-install or an administrative un-install be a work around for this? Anyone?

Remove any registry entries referring to N-Tracks.

BTW, if N-Tracks didn’t work on your system, have you looked into ‘your system’? When was the last time you did a clean install of Windows? Do you keep up-to-date with all the updates? Are all your hardware drivers up to date?
What other software do you have running?(Norton systems or AV, or ZoneAlarm, QuickTime or RealPlayer?)

As a software engineer, I cannot tell you how much CRAP gets into your system if you’re not vigilant. All that junk just slows your system down. It can cause software and sometimes hardware conflicts which can paralize your PC. And the symptoms are often misdiagnosed.

If you have the space… created a new boot partition for a clean install. It will blow you away how fast your PC can be without YEARS worth of useless and forgotten bits of software littered about.

Drop an email to Flavio - someone was complaining about the time period running out. Hopefully, a different version should not be subject to the same time limit, but I don’t know. Personally, I’m against the whold time limit approach, but then I don’t have my life’s work wrapped up in the software. I think only Flavio is going to be able to address this issue. It’s a difficult balance between giving people a program to try and having folks who would never pay for software if it didn’t have a time limit or was crippled in some way - but it should err on the side of the customer.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 18 2008, 2:47 PM)

Shouldn't a clean un-install or an administrative un-install be a work around for this? Anyone?

Nope. It doesn't work. Nor does registry cleaning... deleting data folders left over after uninstall etc...


It's NUTS! :disagree: :disagree: :disagree:


If you want to reset the trial period you can delete the n-Track data folder:
Windows Vista:
"C:\Users[Your user name]\AppData\Roaming
-Track Studio6"
Windows XP:
“C:\Documents and Settings[Your user name]\Application Data
-Track Studio6”

The rationale for the trial expiring is that at some point the user is supposed to decide wether he wants to purchase the program or not.
However I agree that the trial period should at least be reset when you switch to a newer version. I’ll implement that in v6.0.3.


What a guy. Huh? Let’s hear it guys, on your feet - Standing ‘O’ ! :agree:

Definitely a good move Flavio. Bravo!

I suspect a lot of newbs come by looking and by the time they get around to checking over all the other DAW’s out there, they can’t play with n anymore to really compare. Give yourself every opportunity for a truly fair comparison. Otherwise, new people may just run away altogether.

I realize piracy is a great concern and you need to protect your investment. Cracks will be available though just as sure as the sun rises in the east. Protect yourself but don’t shoot yourself in foot at the same time! :)



I would also like to thank you Flavio. I think this is a very positive step!