Exported Wave Files Out Of Sync

This has been racking my brain for 3 days…

Two things (may or may not be related)

First…Something in n-track changed the the tracks are recording
16 bit instead of 24 even though in the Settings/Options its set to 24 it still records as 16 bit…

Second…When I take that .wav and import into cakewalk its offset (out of sync) from the rest of the tracks i import… i thought it was because the it was the only 16 bit .wav but i converted them all to
16 bit but that one .wav is still out of sync

The Song Plays back with all tracks in sync in n-track but when i import all the tracks to cakewalk that one newly rerorded track is out of sync and I have recorded a couple of time with no avail

Please help

Do you have any fx loaded in N when you record the last track?
If so they might be adding latency and N is compensating for that in the last track you record.

If that is the case you might need to either turn off effects so you have no plugin latency when recording your tracks or note what the plugin latency is in samples and offset the particular tracks by that amount in cakewalk.


Were the tracks all the same length? Did they start at the same time originally?

If they were not, you might choose to “mixdown” each track individually so all the .wav files are all exactly the same length.