external drives

anyone use them to record to?

I was looking at getting an external seagate 160 gb 7200 rpm hard drive to record to using Ntrack. Using the USB 2.0, will this be feasible? Will I be at an disadvantage due to latency or some other issue I am over looking?

You should be able to use external drives but your maximum simultaneous track count may be slightly lower. I have successfully recorded up to 12 simultaneous tracks on an external drive but have not tried to push it to determine the maximum.


Because I use a laptop with a slow (5k) drive, I use a rack-mounted external Glyph GT050 firewire drive.
Very fast, very silent, and worth every penny I paid for it ($200).
Zero problems.

I would go for Firewire over USB if recording to that drive is a must. Firewire has better SUSTAINED throughput than USB2.0. USB2.0 is faster at burst reads/writes though. You want sustained throughput for recording.


thanks guys for the info :)