External midi on OSX

Can you tell me whether external midi sync is available for n-Track on OSX.

I downloaded the Free version and cannot find the ‘Settings/sync with external…’ option.
The FAQ mentions this is available in nTrack EX ?

If available, will this allow recording to start when external clock is received ?




it is available on OSX. The command is “Sync with other devices” in the “Settings” menu.
It will allow to sync to an incoming MTC or MIDI clock signal.
You can find more info in the User Guide


I installed n-track free from the appstore and the settings menu shows only:

Audio Devices/Buffering Settings/Skins/Waveform/Soundcard/Zoom/Keyboard/Refesh


Sorry I didn’t notice you said you were using n-Track Free from the App Store. The Sync with external devices is available on OSX but only in the EX edition. The naming on the Mac App Store is slightly different: the “Sync with external devices” command is available in “n-Track”, not in “n-Track Free” and “n-Track LE”.