External USB Hard Drives & n-track

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has had any success using n-track with a Laptop and an external drive using USB2 ? I have heard that some have had reliability problems with USB generally, but that has not been my experience to date.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


I have no issues running n-Track on a laptop, but I’m using a FireWire drive instead of USB 2.0.
USB 1.0 is generally the standard that causes most issues that some have with audio interfaces, due to it’s low transfer rate and compatibility between it’s controller and the hardware connected to it.
Yet others get along just fine with USB 1.0 and their interface. ???
I have heard from a lot of other people, on other forums, that are reporting good success with external USB 2.0 drives. I can’t say that they all use n-Track, but I don’t think any particular program is the deciding factor. It pretty much well depends on the hardware compatibility.
So I think you are safe, seeing as how you haven’t experienced any issue as of yet.

I haven’t tried recording on my USB2 hard drive and stationary PC (not that I think this matters in this respect), but I have tried playing back a project stored on it with 12 tracks without stuttering or other problems. I use it mainly for backing up.

regards, Nils

Thanks for the feedback, I will see how it goes.