External Wav. editor path

It’s been a few years since I’ve had to set this puppy up.

In preferences.
Under soundcards mixer volume control I have:
But under Eternal Wav editor path I got a blank space.
Anyone know what should be in that space?

Creative SB Emulation
SB Live! Value

On this system 1G proc. Windows 98SE.
I think have directX 9 installed.

As a result of that blank space I can’t access the soundcards recording control via Preferences.
I remember doin this back in 2000 but unfortunatly I was much into D and A at the time and those memories are scetchy at best.

keep shinin’



That’s a link to another program that you want to use as a sound editor.
For example, Wavelab, SoundForge or Audacity (which is free and a very good choice… http://audacity.sourceforge.net )

You don’t NEED to have that tab filled, but it’s handy to have another tool in the toolbox…

Your SBLive card should have come with its own mixer, and I think you will get much better results using it, and not the windows native mixer (sndvol32.exe). Take a look in your Creative folders; I forget the name of it, but perhaps someone else here is still using it…

Good luck!
'til next time;

The ‘External Wave Editor’ won’t have anything to do with viewing your soundcards mixer controls.
When you right click on a track, you will get an option “launch external wave editor”. Depending on which exe command you put in the external wave editor path, the external wave editor program you choose will open. For example, mine has C:\goldwave\goldwave.exe as the path. Goldwave opens whenever I click on that option.
Not very clear, huh?