External Wave Editor Path

it’s been too long

Welp I new this day was eventually coming.

I had to install Ntrack on yet another hardrive.
Everything seems to run Ok, but I can’t access the soundcards mixer.
I’m somewhat confused as well as to the whole Asio verses MME deally as well. I must be gettin’ old cause it’s only gettin’ harder to keep up with the times. It’s been about 7 years since I’ve had to do this.

External Wave Editor Path
What do I put in this feild?
Running on WindowsSE IG proc. Ntrack 2.3, Soundblaster Live

Full duplex test was succesful just can’t seem to get access to the soundcards mixer via Ntracks prefference box.
Man I feel like one of those cartoon vultures, A, B, C, uh DUH!

Use it to tell N where your external wave editor is on yur hard drive.
If yu don’t have one leave it blank.

I’ve never opened my soundard mixer via N.
I always just go in via the control panel so can’t help you there…


Thanks Rich for the responce., it definitly got the wheels movin’ in the right direction.
I tried to open the soundcards mixer via the Control Panel only to find it wasn’t installed. Because I didn’t have the soundcard in when I installed Windows on the new hardrive. With a little research I found it’s better to have you soundcard in when you load windows, so Bios can find it and load all the right stuff! What a rook! :D
Took me three days, but I finally got this DAW cookin’ OH HAPPY DAY!
Now to rock and roll baby…