external wave editor

So i got melodyne cause i cant sing.I set it as my wave editor but when i open it i dont know how to get the wave in it .theres no export wave on ntrack what do i do.



You would need to launch Melodyne, open a new project and then add melody…
Browse to the location of your disk that contains the vocal take that you wish to edit.
I’ve only toyed with the demo of Melodyne … but that’s my take on it.
I don’t see it as being the optimum wave editor to use though.
I like the way Sound Forge works with n-Track. Right click on the track in question and select launch external wave editor … and there is my track ready to edit in SF.
Melodyne seem a bit cumbersome in the way that you need to find the file and open it to be able to work on it.
Anyway … hope that helps.


You can set up Audacity to work the same way (Launch external wav editor that is)