External wave editor

The soundcard is opened by another app…

Hallo everybody.

I’ve installed the latest version of n (24 bit) on a Win98Se PC, with a Korg 1212 I/O soundcard. I use soundforge 4.0 as an external wave editor.

I’ve configured n to use MME drivers (asio drivers seem not to work correctly in n when using ADAT as a wordclock source …)

Sometimes (very often, I admit …) it happens that SF opens the wave file lauched by n, but if I try to listen to the file SF says that “the soundcard is in use by another process …”.

So I have to stop and restart N in order to continue working regularily.

In many other cases n and sf work together very very well.

I don’t know where I’m wrong. It seems to be a random uncorrect behaviour, so I can’t say exactly when it happens and under what circumstances.

Any suggestion? Any other Korg 1212 user in this forum?



Don’t know why it would launch in SF without you selecting to launch external wave editor.
However, go to … File > Settings > Preferences > Audio Devices > Advanced … de-select the option to “keep audio device open”. This should allow you to hear the file in SF without needing to close n-Track.