Extigy Problems

nTrack can’t find my Extigy

I’ve used n-Track for a couple years, and just recently added an SB Extigy to my notebook. I’ve set up the Extigy as the default recording device, and checked “Use only default devices”.

When I try to record through it, I get nothing. Press “Ctrl+F4” to bring up the recording controls, I get a mixer with two sliders. One is marked “Wave” and the other is markde “Sum”. Both have 'Mute ’ checkboxes, but neither has a ‘Select’ checkbox like I used to get with the AWE64 on my old computer. Help!

First thing I would do is go to Creative’s web site and download the firmware updates and updated drivers for the Extigy if you haven’t already done so. They fix alot of issues with these units. The wav slider is for wav recording and the sum slider is for the summing amp(basically your stereo master-records from all sources).