Extracting segments of long tracks.

Any ideas?

Happy 4th-o-July all, (Bastille day isn’t it?)

Anyone have any ideas how a guy might go about extracting portions of long tracks. Basically, I’ve got 13 tracks of audio from an 80 minute session. I need to extract from 30:11:00 to 48:11:00 from all tracks. Any ideas on how to go about this??
I haven’t seen anything in n-track, and using Audacity seems to copy/paste seems very long winded.

Any ideas??


Hi chutz,

I have used Wave Splitter for this sort of thing. It allows you to specify a starting and finishing sample # within a file and then copies that range of samples into a separate file. Makes it quick and easy to get sample accurate matching files. It also does have a gui/waveform interface but I never used that. I always just calculated the range of samples I wanted from the time and sample rate and it worked very well.

I am not sure about bit depth and sample rate support. I was still using 16/44.1 or 16/48 for everything back when I last used the program. Heck I don’t even have the latest version on my machine.


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Happy 4th-o-July all, (Bastille day isn’t it?)

Shhhh! Don’t let the French folks hear you. You’re 10 days early! But a nice thought anyway.


If memory serves (and it seldom does), you should be able to hold down the CTRL key(?) and drag the mouse across the timeline to select the section you are interested in saving. Use copy and paste to temporarily remove the section then select “NEW” to start a new instance of n-Track then paste from the clipboard and you should see only the interested section of the tracks to work with.

Check the manual but, I think it is the CTRL key that allows all tracks to be selected at once.



One method is…looking at the timer, figure out where you want to start and stop.

Place your cursor to the far left, you should get a double arrow where the sizing box is…hold and drag until you get close or on the start place. Then do the same for the end by doing this procedure on the right side. The you can save it as…and give it a new name…thus allowing you to keep the original track.

As always, you guys are ready with the answer. Thank you all very much, although i have yet to try anything. I’m going to try working within N first, and I’ll try the wave splitter second…I’m competing with my wife for the DAW machine(Mixing down her latest masterpiece), so I have to wait…

What would I do without the n-track board? - Maybe still trying to fix my Fostex X-15 with rubber cement and rubber bands?

Thanks again, you guys rock! (or Folk, Swing, Jive, Juke or Waltz).


If all you want to do is mixdown a short section of a long recording (single song from a full set) the simplest thing to do is to drag the beginning wave handle (left side of the wave part) to the right to where you want to start mixing and likewise drag the right end of the wave to the left. Keep lock to grid turned on so all track have the start and stop points aligned. When this is done drag the waved parts to the left so the wave parts start at near the beginning of the song (save as a new filename). Does this make sense?

Hi chutz (chutzpah?):

If you want to create a selection that covers all the tracks, just start dragging on one track and then move to another track (this is with the default pointer). This will make a highlight that includes all of the tracks. Then you can drag the left and right ends of the highlight to the proper places. This way your selection is the exact same for all of your tracks.

And here’s a useful tidbit: if you hold down Shift when you’re cutting a selection, the stuff after what you cut will slide to the left. So, here’s what I would do:

So, here’s what I would suggest: Highlight everything UP TO what you want to keep. Then hold down Shift and hit Cut (the Scissors button, or Ctrl-X). Then highlight the stuff AFTER what you want, and do a regular Cut on that. There you go, nothing left but what you want, and the beginnings and endings are all perfectly aligned.


After I saw that you already know the exact times, here’s a little bit easier way. When you very first start n-Track, before you’ve clicked on any tracks, you can use the Selection Dialog (the red two-headed arrow) to enter a selection, and it will cover all of the tracks. Then Cut as appropriate.

Also, if you don’t need the remaning audio, you can do Trim (under the Edit menu) to create new wave files that only contain what you see, and optionally delete the originals.

This is all using version 3.3, hope it works for ya!


I’m tyring to do something similar.
Every month I make a long live recording which needs to be split into tracks for a couple CDs worth of audio. I was using n-Track for the recording and all the dynamics processing I need to do. Now I want to break out the different sections as seperate .WAV files for the duplicator to use on the CDs.

I was expecting that I could use n-Track ‘markers’ for this. They will help me do exactly what’s mentioned above, selecting sections for a cut-and-paste. But will a cut-and-paste like this bring over all the effects and EQ settings? I suspect not.

Do I need to apply all the effects to the orignal monolithic WAV file and then cut it up?

It’d be very handy if we could mixdown to split files by marker! (I see that one can select a time range in the mixdown window, though not to very high precision; that might be what I do for now)

You could always do your mixing with the original 80-minute-long tracks and then mixdown ONLY the section that you want.

In the “File => Mixdown Song” dialog click on “more options” and then look at the section “Interval to Mixdown” where you can simply type in a start and end time. This might be the easiest approach if all you want is a mixdown of one of the songs from your session.


I was doing this, typing the start and stop times in the ‘interval to mixdown’ window.
But I just noticed that if I preselect the region, which is very easy using “select between markers”, the times show up in this window automatically. Very nice. :)

This program works with both 16bit and 24bit files:


I think the command line would look something like this:

wavchunk.exe in.wav out.wav 30:11 18:00


I recorded a few hours of practice material and I only wanted to keep a few portions of the session on my hard drive. How do I do that?

I tried to copy and paste the tracks to a new song (blank) page. It only copied the last track unless I entered “Add Blank Audio Track” of the exact number of tracks recorded, but when you are working with 30+ tracks it takes a lot of time. Also, if you do not enter the exact number of “Add Blank Audio Track”, the system (n-Track) will completely shut down on you.

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I’m not at my machine right now but i seem to remember the “Edit” => “trim” function which will DESTRUCTIVELY edit a track. I think it deletes any part of the wav file that is NOT shown between the end markers. This may be what you want.

Practice with a backed-up file first! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.