ezDrummer and NTrack?

Does it work?

Tried to launch ezDrummer VST from NTrack version 4, 24bit registered and it crashes immediately each time.

Anyone know if NTrack would work with ezDrummer?

if you try to open it as an effect any VSTi will crash N - it should work OK if opened in a seperate instrument channel - another thing that stops some VSTi working and can crash N is that they are set to work only with one program, the one that they came with.

Dr J

(DarkFriend @ Jul. 14 2007,12:30)
Anyone know if NTrack would work with ezDrummer?

Yes. Works and sounds great.


I finally got ezdrummer almost working, it didnt crash my ntrack this time, I have a registered ntrack for 4.0.5 , I inserted a midi channel and selected an instrument from the midi menu, then I selected a midi demo from ezdrums, it just plays the midi piano, i assume thats what it is, no drums , but the patterns are there as if playing drums.