ezdrummer crashes NTrack

crashes when i use the ezdrummer midi

I just installed ezdrumemr and it NTrack crashes when I run ezdrummer with the MIDI. I still havent installed everything just yet, cause I was told I can run it with out all the other plugins. I checked NTracks plug in folder and the ezdrummer plug in .dll file is in there.

Just figured this out. You need to enable Live processing on the channel. To see this popup note, try to launch nTrack Drums or some other working VST. If you try ezDrummer first, it crashes nTrack. Once you enable live processing, ezDrummer works.

YEEESSSSSSS!!! someone has answered. Thank you thank you thank you. I will check it out now to see if thats the problem, been toying around with NTrack all day, and I need a bath. LOL

Aaaahhhh drat! Well, the excitement lasted a little. I enabled live and it did the same thing. I’m not sure if I have MS SP2 or not. I had validation problems.

Do you think that I might need to update NTrack? I hadnt done that since the last 2 to 3 years, I think i’m running NTrack 4.0.5

I also have not registered ezdrummer yet, could that also pose a problem?

I checked my MIDI devices and all seems normal. Should I check them also on the computer?

I haven’t registered ezDrummer yet, and it works. I’ve got it working fine. Only problem now is that I can’t convert the MIDI file to a WAV. Since I can’t do that, ezDrummer is a useless program (same with any other VST instrument)… :O(

Do u think its because it isnt registered? What version NTrack you have? My frined uses ezdrummer with his Acid 4. He doesnt have any problems so far.

I’ve got nTrack 4.0 and my ezDrummer copy isn’t registered (yet). I JUST got it to work correctly.

In the recording view meter, there’s a little button at the bottom that looks like a hammer. Click it and check “enable live processing on this channel” and click OK.

Then click Add Channel > New Instrument Channel > VSTi > ezDrummer

It takes a minute for 360MB of sounds to load.

From there you can load presets and drag and drop the midi files right into nTrack.

Good luck!


Only problem now is that I can’t convert the MIDI file to a WAV.

Why not mix down the Midi file as a “song” under “mixdown song” option? Just the midi track - not the whole song.

Mixing down the midi file separately will give you a wav file. Then all you should have to do is “import” the new wav file back into your song, and mute or remove the midi file.

I’ve done this on N-Track drums - actually mixing down the drums and bass onto a single track - effectively replacing the MIDI track and the bass track w/ one file, and it’s worked well for me: just make sure you only remove the track from the song… don’t delete it.

I did this w/ a song I’ve got posted up on soundclick now if you want to take a listen. The song is “God of Wonder” (it’s a demo track in progress but it’ll give you an idea for what I’m talking about). Listen to “God Of Wonder” here.

I’ve got a thread going for comments about the song in the music review forum, if you’d like to help out w/ some suggestions.

Finally, I recommend both of you consider upgrading to 5.x and tryout the N-track drums program. It is very good, and you only have to pay for the upgrade - which may be less than the cost to register “easydrummer.” I personally had more troubles than I could surmount w/ the 4.x build, and 5.x has been very good to me.

Flavio did not pay me to recommend that you upgrade… ???

All the best,
Practicing for Heaven

Hmm, well, i guess I can give it a try, maybe thats whats going on.

Can’t repro the crash here… EZD works great. I don’t use n much anymore but I tried it out a few times and EZD loads up and functions perfectly. Make sure you choose “Insert new instrument channel”. Don’t try to load EZD in an FX slot.


I finally got ezdrummer almost working, it didnt crash my ntrack this time, I have a registered ntrack for 4.0.5 , I inserted a midi channel and selected an instrument from the midi menu, then I selected a midi demo from ezdrums, it just plays the midi piano, i assume thats what it is, no drums , but the patterns are there as if playing drums.

No one knows yet?

WOOOHOOO I finally got it to work, the kit even shows up and I get the loop library, now if I can just work it correctly.

Ok, so far so good, I got rid of the piano sound, I forgot how but Im sure I will remmeber. Now adjusting the tempo is the next thing making a timing grid

Chammy - I hate to dis nTrack as I’ve been a paid 24 bit user for since 2002, but EZDrummer integrates flawlessly with Reaper, much much better than with nTrack. I’m still using nTrack for mixing and recording, but I’m finding Reaper much easier to use for creating the drum tracks using EZDrummer.

Here are the reasons why:

1) Reaper has a much better piano roll than nTrack. It has more features, is easier to pan and zoom, and easier to add and delete notes.

2) EZDrummer loads much faster into Reaper than nTrack.

3) No crashes. Whenever I try to use EZDrummer with nTrack I have to save every 5 seconds as there are lots of crashes.

4) Reaper lets you do separate tracks for each drum (kick, snare, OH, Room, toms, etc). I never figured out how to do that in nTrack.

Again, don’t yell at me for promoting Reaper. I love nTrack and its still my main tool for recording and mixing. But for this one application, Reaper has nTrack beat (right now).

Hey bro, where can I get reaper?

I I will still use NTrack for mixing as well, I just want to use ezdrummer also. Yeah, I do notice it takes a while to load ezdrummer into NTrack, plus, when cutting and pasting I couldnt get the drum loops seperated and I have no idea how to get the rythm grid configured, but thats an ntrack issue I have to read the read me file.


If you Google “reaper” and “ezdrummer” and “tutorial” there are some posts out there that tell you how to set it up. Good luck.

Hey Thanks Dark, I’m checkign it out right now…weeeeeeeee!!

Wow, the PDF is bigger than the program lol