ezDrummer drag beat changes tempo

I have N-track 6.1.1 2693 When I open ezDrummer in a midi track it works. I can listen to the beats. But when I drag and drop a beat into the midi track the tempo changes automaticly to 120 bpm in the
n-track window at the top.

TonyR also reported the problem happening when dragging from n-Track Drums. It should be fixed in v6.1.2 Beta build 2796 which should be online later today.
Please let me know if you still see this or similar problems with the new build.


Cheers dude.

Thank you. I’ll be waiting for the upgrade so I can try it and I’ll let you know this evening.
Funny thing is…it worked fine in my older version.

Bill, Flavio’s sorting it, now. It’s been on and off in various builds over a period.