F.A.Soft Compressor

How do I re-register?

I am using n-track 3.3 and I purchased the F.A.Soft compressor but after a hard drive reformat I had to download everything again.How do I re-register the compressor without paying for it again?I just can’t seem to figure out how to do it.
Thanks Jerry.

Email Flavio and he’ll send them again.

I make it a habit to save everything I install on my computer, and keep that backed up. Then when I reinstall, it’s a LOT easier to get things back to normal. It’s also helpful when I install something and the new one doesn’t work as well – I can back up a version.

With Flavio’s plugins, you just run a program that comes with them and it does the necessary magic, IIRC. You don’t need to enter any codes for them.

Well, actually I did save the compressor to cd before reformatting but I don’t really know how to re-instal it.Perhaps some one could help me with that please.

Its an .exe file. As I remember, you just run it and it installs itself.


Thanks Maaszy,finally got it.