FA Compressor shows "demo" in registered v5

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on how to “register” the FA Compressor in Ntrack 5 - I’ve looked all over the homepage, but no longer see links to purchase the compressor, so am under the impression that this now might be part of ntrack itself (I’m just coming back to ntrack after being a long time v3 user - v5 is so far working excellent for me BTW).

When I click on the EQ button, I see a message that says “DEMO VERSION: the playback mutes every 10 seconds”. I’ve entered (and re-entered several times) my license information, but it still says this.

Does the FA Compressor need to be purchased separately, or is it part of the base package now? Do I need updated license codes?

Any info or help is really appreciated :wink:

- Brian

You’ll need to email Flavio. The compressor does indeed come with n-Tracks now. There can be a conflict with the original pay-for version and the one that’s included. I’m not exactly sure what the issue is, but I had a similar issue a few years ago, set up by trying to use both compressors at the same time (because I was switching back and forth between n-Tracks versions and one didn’t have the built-in compressor, but I could stop using that version yet). He sent me the steps to FULLY uninstall (cleans out some registry keys). After doing that all was well. I did however have to reinstall and reenter the regkeys.

in V3 and early V4 the compressor was an added extra - this changed later version of V4 and became free - there used to be a problem with the compressor causing problems when upgrading where N picked an older version(the added extra) one) of the compressor than the one it installed when upgrading -

do a search on all hard drives for this .dll n-track multiband compressor.dll - if you have any remnants of V4 left on your PC search will find more than one version, change search results to DETAILS and check date of installation, keep the latest version and delete any others -

Dr J

Thanks for the responses - this is a completely clean install of 5.10 on a freshly installed XP Home, so I’ll go ahead and contact Flavio.


- Brian

Oh, for sure in that case. There’s no way you’d run into the two-compressors problem on that machine.