Fade-out when playback ends

So, when I hit stop, the track plays back another second or so, which is annoying when I’m trying to place a cut, etc. Is there any way to turn this off?

“play back”?‘Cutting whilst playing’!? Explain more please.

So, when I’m playing my track, and then press the spacebar to stop playback, the playhead keeps moving forward for about a second and the audio fades down.

Usually, when I’m playing, I press spacebar when I want to place a split, so I can eleminate a breath, repeated word, etc. (sometimes you can see these, but not always). If the playhead keeps moving, I lose my place.

Not certain - but you might try reducing the size of your buffers, they may be "unloading before the track stops. You can just try the Low or very low setting for record/playback and see if that helps.

THANKS! It was the buffering settings. I could only reduce it to “medium.” It still yelled at me that it was too low, but there was little-to-no noise, etc., so it worked, and the dump out was a lot better. Almost unnoticeable.

As Bax says. Also, it sounds as though your pc is slow. Try turning some app’s off - security, screen savers, email etc.
You can move the “playhead” to any precise point point by clicking on the time axis.