Fader Automation

Missing ‘R’ on the Mixer window

I need someone’s help. I’m trying to automate volume fader’s and found this in the Help File.

An alternative way to program the evolution of a parameter is to use the fader automation: during playback, click on the R button on the mixer window. When this button is activated, every action on a mixer’s fader (volume sliders or pan knobs, excluding the master volume knob) will be recorded in the evolution graph of the relative parameter.

For the life of me, I cannot see the R button on the Mixer window. Does anyone know where the R button is or at least how to turn that feature on?

I’m basically trying to record my fader movements while playing back the tracks.

Thanks in advance :)

In later versions the R was changed to a red circle and tehre is a green triangle/arrow for “playback fader automation” next to it.

They are at the top of the mixer window near the master volume knob.
(Going from memory here as at work at the moment…)


Actually, they have even been moved in the newer builds! From the Build 1933 changelog:

Faders automation play & rec button moved to transport toolbar

They’re still red & green circles, though. n-Track has changed so much so quickly that the manual is in need of some significant updates…

But, unless it’s been seriously revamped, I advise against it. It’s far better to use “evolutions” (automations) than recording fader movement.

The reason is, we all like to use the fader to adjust the overall track level. But if you’ve used fader automation, the fader doesn’t mean quite the same thing that it used to. You can change it, but (IIRC) at the next recorded fader movement, it jumps back to where it was during fader recording. Gets very confusing.

Furthermore, it’s great to be able to see the green lines in the track, showing you just what you’re doing and allowing great precision over editing.

Yes, it’s a bit more fiddly to do it at first. But in the long run it’s far easier, because it’s easy to edit – and we rarely get everything right the first time!

I agree with Learjeff.

Recording fader movements can get quite messy. It never worked out for me how I wanted it when I tried it way back when.

drawing the volume envelopes on the time line is a much faster, easier and neater way to do it.


Thanks LearJeff…I found the ‘hidden’ record buttons on the Master Mixer. They don’t look anything like what is described in the Help file. I’ll take your and RichLum’s advice to heart and be quick to jump ship on the recording fader movements if that doesn’t work.:smiley: