Failed at FAWM

so start something new!

I’m going to write a bunch of songs in honor of my friend John’s old drum machine. So here’s one.

Your rhythm guitar tones are excellent on this.
What are you using on it.

Ain’t that nice…

This guy is so good at tracking and mixing his tracks/instruments…
Whatever is in the recipe, the right amount is in there…
Don’t be playing with any of that stuff, TomS…
It’s working…


wow your songs dont take any prisoners, do they!
from the first note theyre right therre in your face, bursting with hooks, everything turned up to max, jostling for attention.
I can see why you described the production as messsy before ,but i’d call it busy.
Another winner,great stuff!


I admit it, folks, I really wanted to hear what Tina thought of it.
:) (Seriously, Tina, I was really hoping you’d listen to this one, b/c what you don’t know is that I’ve done hundreds of really crappy mixes, and when you said the other one was the best you’d heard on n-Track, well, I admit it I got sort of “chuffed” as one might say, and this one is better! - so thanks for the very kind comments!!)

Ping, it’s my strat on the treble pickup and just a little vox practice amp with the digital models, and in this case I ran it from the line out through a vintage DI - I forget the company, but it’s the company that first started selling these things, and it’s blue - into the LA610 with a fair amount of compression.
Bottom and top end EQed out a bit, tiny bit of a small space impulse from SIR.
No microphones, which I almost never do, but the kids were playing XBox on the other side of the room.
It really is not a bad sound at all!
I actually sang it with the kids watching something rather loud.

Of course, you all have heard me for 12 years - well, Bill has! - and you know how long it has taken to get even to this point!
It ain’t as easy as it might seem…for me!

Anyway, thanks for the listens and the really nice comments.

It’s been worth every minute and all the effort - supported by embarressing amount of talent - you b$%&@?d!

I’m gonna kidnap your pet dog :laugh:

Tony, I don’t own a dog, but we have mice we can’t seem to get rid of… :laugh:

anyway... what model was John's drum machine? What's the story?…d#!



Wow… that’s all I can say…

Yeah, I agree, that drum machine is cool. :laugh:

Thanks, Danny!

lol, I was talking about the song, Tom, I even posted a link to it on my facebook, so others can hear your music

’Modern Dad’ :laugh:

Hi TonyR:

That’s a great link…
Good stuff…
Simmons goes way back to the mid-to-late’70’s…
I remember when that stuff began showing up at the Musicstop…
The drummers started talk about having to replace their kits on the stages they played on…
I happen to have one of the versions of rack mounted, 8-Track Triggers that they used on the early versions of their kits…
Simmons were way ahead of their time…


Quote: (dannyraymilligan @ Oct. 05 2010, 1:20 AM)

lol, I was talking about the song, Tom, I even posted a link to it on my facebook, so others can hear your music

Oh! :whistle:

in the early eighties, we used a couple of pads on the kick and snair to eprom blowers with sampled profanities.

Gotta scare them grannies :laugh:


Yey, finally I’ve got some time to listen through to your new stuff. :;):

“If You Really Want That Scene” is a great song and a great way to start :agree:

Naw, they’re not worth listening to, Ange.
Truth is, I actually did about 12 others that did not get posted this year.
They were worse.

But the video you posted recently is GORGEOUS.